Gnocchi Recipes

Gnocchi is a traditional Italian dumpling, often referred to as potato pasta, which is cooked in boiling salted water or less commonly fried in oil until crispy. Gnocchi can be shop-bought, although generally the only gnocchi available in stores is potato gnocchi — whereas homemade gnocchi can be made with a variety of vegetables, such as butternut squash or pumpkin, or even ricotta cheese. We have lots of gnocchi recipes below, including a few dessert gnocchi recipes as well as plenty of ways to cook and serve this tasty little Italian treat.

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About Gnocchi:

The word gnocchi possibly derives from the word 'nocchio', which means a knot in wood or from the word 'nocca', meaning knuckle, due to their rounded, squashed oval shape. They have been eaten in Italy since the Roman Empire, and gnocchi are still eaten today that are very similar in recipe to the original gnocchi in Sardinia.

As with most other Italian recipes, gnocchi are made differently all over Italy depending on region and family recipe, although they are usually made from a mixture of potato, flour and eggs. They can also be made with semolina, in a similar way to how polenta is made — semolina is whisked with milk and then spread in a baking dish before being cut into cubes and fried or baked.

Gnocchi are widely eaten as primi piatta in Italy, meaning first course, with various sauces or pestos. Sometimes, gnocchi are served with melted butter or a browned butter sauce, although they can also be simply tossed with oil and Parmesan cheese.

Take a look above for some yummy gnocchi recipes, including a spinach and ricotta gnocchi recipe, a sweet potato gnocchi recipe, a sweet vanilla and milk gnocchi recipe and a Fontina cheese gnocchi recipe.

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